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What are a Staffing Agency and How Do They Work With Employers?

An employment agency is a company that matches employees to employers. In most developed countries, a privately-run employment agency and a government-sponsored employment agency dominate the market. However, in developing countries this scenario is changing. The public and private sectors are increasingly competing for the business of educated and skilled workers. This competition has prompted many companies to establish their own staffing agencies in these developing countries.


In a traditional staffing agency, candidates are sent resumes on which the headhunters make an assessment based on skills and qualification. Based on this assessment, they schedule interviews and short-list candidates. Candidates who are short-listed for a particular position are sent a personal visit by the recruitment agency's representative to discuss the hiring process further. This process typically includes an interview where the candidate will be given a detailed explanation of the company's objectives, desired profile, salary and benefits. If accepted, candidates are scheduled for further face-to-face meetings with the company supervisors and/or human resources managers. See this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b_bnd89AWNM.


Hiring firms and staffing agencies typically offer job applicants the opportunity to be interviewed either at the company or at the staffing agencies in greenville nc office. Depending on the nature of the position, the interviews may be conducted face-to-face or over the phone. Job candidates who are accepted for interviews may also receive a personal visit by a recruiting representative to confirm their identity and present their documents. Recruitment firms and staffing agencies then send suitable job candidates to the company or the recruitment agency's workplace. Once the job applicants are in place, they start the interviewing process.


Recruiting firms and staffing agencies work with employers as well as job candidates. They provide employers with a database of potential candidates. When employers post job vacancies, recruiting agencies contact the appropriate candidates and inform them of the job opportunities. When job candidates respond to the posting, the recruitment agency researches their credentials and history to determine if they are qualified for the job.


Employers hire qualified individuals who have passed all the necessary background checks, examinations and drug tests. The information that the staffing agencies in greenville nc collect from the applicant is not disclosed to the applicant or third parties. The staffing agency acts as a liaison between the employer and the candidate to make sure that all information provided is kept confidential.


Upon receipt of an application, the hiring agency will create a custom interviewing package. The package will contain questions related to the position, experience, skills, etc. In addition, the package will contain information on what the employer expects from a temporary employee. Often, the questions asked during the interview are tailored to the particular hiring situation. Most often, the interview consists of: Where you had your best experience? How many times did you receive positive feedback from your supervisor?